Friday, December 18, 2009

Missed Posts

Management has refused to grant purchase of KVM switch, but no need, I am already running remote desktop from my new Ubuntu 9.10 desktop to our three Ubuntu 8.04 Server. Administraton is easier and cool... will work on windows integration. :)

Vista and Arcview 9 Compatibilty

I have just had to reformat a system on the network running window vista home edition because it has compatibility issues with ArcView 9. I am installing window XP Professional right now. Aurevoir Vista :)

Installing Linux Crossover pro 7.1.0

I have installed Linux CrossOver Pro to hold my windows application programs, I have successfully installed my marketiva trading terminals, thanks to help from forums online particularly .

Switching to Ubuntu 9.10

I have just finished installing ubuntu 9.10 desktop as a dual boot on my system, I have to admit I like it better than fedora core 11. Installation is so smoot and fast. now lets finish with installing updates and moving backed up files :)

away for long

Hello everyone, I have not been able to post for some time, i have been working on my new ubuntu 9.10 desktop installation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

External Support

Download driver for Toshiba laptop, and remove Red Hat linux boot loader using Bootrec.exe /FixMbr

Hard disk reformat

Just finished re-installing Windows Vista on a Sony VGN-FZ11E, many thanks to my Linux Fedora live CD :), the Data on the hard disk would have been lost forever. Can now concentrate on the Web developement Codes.

Today's Activities

Retrieve data from Sony VGN FZ11E laptop using Fedora core 11 live CD, contact DOPC about loss in Unwired Modem connection, Download device drivers for HP DX2400 Desktop, Continue running data cleaning on servers, monitor network printing..... phew God help me.

day starts

powered on the three ubuntu servers, wireless routers and we are ready to rock and roll.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

closing time

shuting down all servers and ......................... time to go home :)

remote execution

I am still trying to use the psexec command in the pstools suite to run programs on workgroup computers remotely, am yet to get the command working. I have used all variations of the command with all the switches. any ideas? :(

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new virtual workstation

I will be installing the new ubuntu 9.10 server on a vmware virtual workstation. I guess its worth it to see the new features and have a feel of the new server OS.

day start

powered on the three ubuntu servers, wireless routers and we are ready to rock and roll.

closing time

shutting down all servers and ......................... time to go home :)

ubuntu server duplicate data cleaning

After running the script to clean up duplicate records on our ubuntu file server, i have today again re-crimped 4 network cables to curb the case of loss in network connection. wish i had better a better crimping tool :(.

panasonic dp3030 copier

After three weeks of waiting, our Panasonic DP-3030 photocopier has just been fixed after giving a crazy error EO4-01. the fuser lamp, thermistor and thermostat were all change to get the error fixed.

network printing monitor

55Finally I was able to get a software to monitor all printing activities on my network using CZ print job tracker. Nice piece of software with fantastic features. It show all 9 printers which includes two 5550 printers, hp 3600, cp1515n and others with the printed document details including contents if enabled.